For over a decade, Prestige Wedding Italy has curated luxury weddings and high-class international events throughout Italy.

Pascale Ferragne and her dedicated team meticulously handle all aspects of event organization and creativity.

Our passion, unwavering attention, and expertise serve as the foundation for crafting distinctive and unconventional weddings.

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The Luxury That Becomes Your Sartorial Wedding Experience.

Discovering the uniqueness of the most exclusive Italian Wedding Venues through the artisan expertise is what really differentiates your wedding day.

Entirely inspired by the Italian soul and personality, we are pleased to introduce you to our attractive selection of the most eclectic Wedding Venues in Italy.

We just want to be an ode to the heritage of Italian extravagant beauty and manufacturing traditions.

Every place is part of an accurate selection made of high quality standards, intimacy, secular traditions and luxury contemporaneity.

The complete devotion to the search of the inimitable Italian allure gives life to agreat inspiration for unique wedding settings, each with its own characteristics.

This is why every small difference in the design should be considered a peculiar andoriginal feature of each single Venue.

Dress Up Your Favorite Venue.

Be ready to capture the full beauty of our favorite Wedding Venues and turn your event into a sensory experience.
A magical infusion between your personality and the vibes of the location.

Get ready to start this captivating virtual tour with us!

World of Prestige Wedding Italy.

Prestige Wedding Italy would like to propose a new more actual approach. With our personal experience in exploring the most deeper sensations of our clients, we’ll be able to create an intimate bond with the Venue chosen.

What we do with our work is to introduce a new vision of the Wedding Experience, based on the beauty and the awareness of what our clients really want. An experience rich in values, attention to details, sustainability and Made in Italy.

Everything will be aligned with your energy. We only need to look at your love story to infuse your personal touch in your event.

Our creative team will interpret your desires differently so to create luxurious environments in line with your personality.

The result will be a Divine experience to be touched with all the 5 senses. A special reconnection with yourself with the aim of guide you in becoming your personal source of inspiration.

Lake Como: your dream wedding in not an illusion. Discover the most luxurious resorts on the lake. The perfect blend of italian style, effortless glamour and natural beauty.

History, elegance and style. A place where privacy and exclusivity reign. From super luxurious hotels of worldwide appeal, to the sumptuous private Villas overlooking the lake.

Picturesque colors and refined materials. Ultimate design boats that reflect the Italian tradition and innovation. A particular attention to the artistic heritage enhanced by worldly and glamour events.Wedding at Lake Como is 100% the most chic showcase of Italy.

Don’t you desire to turn your wedding into the best version of yourself? Would you like to discover the potential of getting married on the exclusive Lake Como? Prestige Wedding Italy can help you in shaping your dream event.

The sensory awakening through the 5 senses is the key for a better everything. The more you free your deepest desires, the more meaningful and harmonious the experience of your Wedding Day become. How?

We strongly believe in the authenticity. The authenticity is the pure and uncontaminated Essence of what a place can embodies.

Try to imagine your Italian Destination and your Wedding Experience from a wider perspective going beyond our five primordial senses.

Sensory Wedding Experience on Lake Como.

Prestige Wedding Italy would like to create the opportunity to get you and your guests in touch with your own essence, so as to connect the outer world with your inner being.

Live the Lake on the water, on foot or from the air to experience its wild spirit and its ethereal beauty. We’ll make sure to guide you into the best sensory experiences that you and your guests can have.

Discover the wonders of the Lake in exclusive Italian Style, aboard the iconic Riva or Tullio Abate. We’ll personalize your outings by boat so to admire the lake must-sees, historical Villas and hidden gardens while clinking your champagne glasses at sunset with your private captain.

For lovers of sports the choice is endless. Thanks to the exclusive green areas and water sports of all types, we can provide you rich ideas and proposals.

Lake Como is no exception when it comes to gourmet tasting experiences. Don’t miss the Italian world of tastes and feel the lake breeze during your moonlight dinner.

Devote yourself in discovering the Italian culture and history. Let us organize you a private visit of the most beautiful Villas or a painting class with a local artist to draw the magical sceneries of the Lake.

Whatever you choose to do, the combination of these elements will express your authentic emotions.

Villa Erba

A beautiful nineteenth-century residence, famous for being the summer nest of the film director Luchino Visconti.

An imposing and intimate Villa able to recreate a special sensory connection with the surrounding nature as it is immersed in the secular and zen garden, designed by the Japanese Master Yasuo Kitayama.

A touch of oriental taste in harmony with the lush interiors of this classy-style Italian masterpiece.

Villa Erba is ideal for ultimate luxury weddings and events.



Where: Cernobbio

What we love: The private pier for a spectacular arrival by boat

Guest amount: Up To 247

Accommodation: No

DJ Set & Music: Music inside the Villa until 4:00 a.m; Music outside until 23:00 p.m.

Catering: Possibility to choose between the professional suppliers who usually collaborate with the venue

Closest airports: Milano Malpensa (50 km) & Milano Linate (66 km)

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