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Expertise and experience working with the top wedding destinations in Italy.

All over the world, Italy is renowned for its timeless style and culture of elegance.

From the Amalfi coast to Capri, Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Portofino and Puglia...these are all visually stunning destinations with distinct traditions and local flavours. It’s no surprise that these are the most popular locations for luxury destination weddings in Italy, especially when you look at the exclusive venues available. We have been planning and designing weddings in these locations for over a decade and know the ins and outs of how to make your experience truly special and tailored to you.

If you’re looking for charm, culture and elegance off the beaten track, we’ll be happy to show you some hidden secrets in the lesser-known corners of Italy.


The home of effortless glamour, with charm and culture, fine wines, exquisite cuisine.

Choose from the most sought-after wedding destinations of the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, Portofino and Puglia. We have been curating weddings in Italy’s top wedding destinations for years and are ready to help you find your own perfect with a stunning backdrop and flavour of Italy.

Luxury Italian Wedding Venues

Italy is an open air art gallery and museum, made up of wedding luxury venues, timeless historical traditions and exclusive landscapes.

These Italian weddings locations can be the most incredible and unique settings to live an exotic and intimate Wedding Experience.

An extraordinary combination of exclusive Italian elements and important historical heritage, perfect for creating an intangible and sensory lifetime experience.

A blend of majesty, sublime details and old charme, modernly revisited with a touch of aristocracy feeling that only Italy can offer.

Introducing the secular Italian way of life through its glamorous places is the ideal start for turning your dreams into a tailor-made Luxury Wedding Experience.