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A luxury Italian wedding experience can be both lavish and simple, splendid yet profound. Let your wedding be a symphony of divine exquisiteness. Bring together the finest quality details and world-class expertise, from the venue to the florals, from culinary skill to creative design, all with truly excellent service. Through careful and creative design, we create opportunities for intense emotions to flow as you share this occasion with the people you love.

Get married in Italy, where culture meets sophistication, where beauty and elegance go hand in hand, where tradition and style are a match made in heaven. The perfect wedding destination! Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony with loved ones or the intimacy of a romantic elopement experience, Italy’s timeless traditions and culture for the appreciation of all things of beauty lends itself to providing inspiration for your Italian wedding experience. From the pristinely elegant masserie in picturesque Puglia to classic gardens and frescoed villas on Lake Como…with its backdrop of lush mountains, Italy has world-class venues with food and wine to match.

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We work with discerned and distinguished clients from all over the world who choose us because we provide a seamless planning service tailored to them in every way, from meetings that fit your busy schedule to complete planning of your trip to Italy to visit your venue shortlist. We do this so you can focus on the parts of your wedding planning that bring you joy. The result? Your wedding will be even more magnificent and magical than you ever thought possible.

Empathy is the key to our success in luxury wedding planning. For you, the perfect wedding may be a lavish celebration with hundreds of guests or an intimate luxury elopement in Italy. We listen to you, get to know you, and care about your wedding as much as you do. A wedding is not just about a great venue, music and florals. Yes, these are important but it’s about a meaningful experience for you and your loved ones, and we create that by shaping each detail and element around you.

We bring our experience, skill and connections to create your perfect wedding. This means understanding your tastes to find your dream venue, it means interpreting the creative opportunities of your venue to shape your experience, and it means flawless service from all of our partners and suppliers. On the big day, it means an incredible experience for you and your guests, and special memories that last a lifetime.

We demand the highest standards from all of our suppliers and partners in Italy, France and around the world. We only work with people who share our values for creating exquisite events and offering the supreme service you desire.

We only accept a limited number of clients each season so that you get all our energy and creativity focused on you and turning your wedding dream into a masterpiece.

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Italy, where culture meets sophistication, where beauty and elegance go hand in hand, where tradition and style are a match made in heaven. If you’re looking for a wedding experience that brings out the ultimate of la bella vita, timelessly chic and effortlessly delightful, Italy is the perfect place for your dream destination wedding.

Italian style is not just about looking good, it’s about quality and beauty down to the last detail. From using the finest materials to artisan skills and craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations, to the rituals of appreciating food, wine and good company. By drawing inspiration from all the aspects of Italian life and culture that appeal to you, your wedding will mirror this timeless style making it a memorable and meaningful experience for you and your guests.

Italy is home to some of the most amazing wedding venues and locations in the world, from the pristinely elegant masserie in picturesque Puglia to classic gardens and villas on Lake Como with its backdrop of lush mountains. But there’s more to Italy than just stunning venues. Whether it’s the art, music or food, Italians have a way of bringing out the best with their meticulous attention to all the details that really count. These details will make your wedding truly luxurious and stunning in every way.

Discover the destination of your dream wedding.

Meet Your Wedding Planner, Pascale.

With over 15 years of experience in curating magical and unique experiences in Italy for international clients, Pascale brings her passion for weddings and all things Italian to create your dream destination wedding.

Thanks to her immaculate organizational skills, professional expertise in dealing with venues and suppliers, sensitivity and passion for creating unique immersive experiences, your wedding planning by Pascale will be sophisticated, seamless and sublime.

I love think that our approach to your wedding design is an holistic one. We create immersive experience for you and your guests beyond the visual aesthetics. Our goal is capturing the essence of your soul and translating it into a sensory celebration.

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